Experience crafted perfection: Your custom-made e-bike, optimal comfort and revolutionary performance on every ride.

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    Ride further, faster,
    and greener with an
    e-bike made just for you.

    Experience the comfort and freedom of cycling with TZmann e-bikes, where innovative design meets unparalleled riding pleasure. Our e-bikes allow you to venture further, accelerate faster, and exert less, redefining your cycling perspective. Enjoy the freedom of leaving the car behind and commuting to work or shops with ease, enjoy the experience of trailblazing adventures on both road and forest trails. TZmann next generation e-bikes offer the versatility to ride virtually anytime and anywhere.

    TZmann is an e-bike custom-made to fit your body measurements, ensuring a superior cycling experience. Compared to conventional bikes, it offers enhanced comfort, efficiency, and safety, making it ideal for all riders.

    The TZmann e-bike, with its ultralight 15kg frame, engineered for optimal performance in electric cycling. Featuring a super efficient 540Wh battery, innovatively designed to give a range of 100km up to 120km, ensuring extensive travel on a single charge. Even as the battery depletes, the ultralight design ensures that your journey continues with ease, offering unmatched manoeuvrability and comfort, ride after ride.

    Go green e-bikes cut pollution, making them a solid choice for commuters who value environmental responsibility.

    E-bikes offer a seamless blend of convenience and sustainability, appealing to commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and those who enjoy the pure pleasure of urban and trail rides. Not only do e-bikes produce zero emissions, but they also contribute to quieter streets, enhancing the overall quality of urban life. Furthermore, by reducing the need for fossil fuels, e-bikes play a crucial role in promoting cleaner, greener cities.

    Join the next level of biking.


    540Wh Portable Battery

    Ride further, faster,
    and greener with an
    e-bike made just for you.

    Ride further, faster, and greener with an e-bike made just for you.

    Experience superior performance with our ebike, offering an optimal cycle range of 100-120km. Engineered with a large, integrated battery for effortless cycling.


    Ultralight Weight

    Efficiency unleashed TZmann lightweight design ensures effortless rides, even as the battery depletes. Surpassing other e-bikes and delivering unmatched manoeuvrability and comfort ride after ride.
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    Brand B
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    Removable battery
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    Built with quality components that you can depend on every time you ride. TZmann is precision crafted to provide your perfect fit. Our attention to every detail ensures optimal comfort and revolutionary performance with every ride.


    Unique design

    TZmaan was developed in pursuit of pure riding joy, which is why we positioned the battery for central balance and effortless single-handed removal while standing. Our considered innovative design won the Good Design Awards 2023.

    Our e-bikes deliver high-tech innovation, crafted from carbon fibre for the ultimate blend of strength and lightness. This advanced material not only contributes to the bike’s featherweight profile but also ensures rigid durability, a combination that elevates the ebike experience to new heights of performance. TZmann e-bike doesn’t just look good, it enhances every aspect of your ride.


    Quality Craftsmanship

    Our bicycles will revolutionise your riding experience. Custom-made for a perfect fit. Engineered with precision components sourced from suppliers trusted by prestigious automotive brands like Porsche, Koenigsegg, and F1 cars, our bikes guarantee exceptional quality and reliability. Plus we use next-generation 3D label technology to personalise even further with your own custom name tag.

    Our partnerships share TZmann’s commitment to excellence and high standards.


    Crafted with precision tools from Bräutigam to deliver high-performance carbon fibre solutions, using cutting-edge technology and superior components.


    We partner with CIKONI, an award-winning expert in lightweight hybrid composite materials design.


    Make it your own

    TZmann offers four sleek shades: White, Cyan, and Carbon. Elevate your frame with a personalised phrase or name, adding a distinct touch to make your ride uniquely yours. TZmann ensures your ride reflects your individuality in every detail.


    Cruise with ease on a state-of-the-art custom ride

    Proud to be part of a movement that’s transforming the cycling landscape. TZmann infuses precision, style, and power into every e-bike, crafting a ride that’s uniquely yours. With a TZmann bicycle, you’re not just riding, you can ride further, faster, and more comfortably on a ride custom-made, just for you.

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