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Meet the team

At TZmann, we're powered by a team of innovative thinkers and passionate cyclists, dedicated to revolutionizing the urban cycling experience. Get to know the people behind your Menomic e-bike

Founder & CEO – BA. Industrial Design

Andre Götzmann

Establishing yourself in the international e-bike market, especially when starting from your parents’ basement, requires an innovative idea and a lot of patience and self-discipline.

The journey began in 2015 when designer Andre K. Götzmann observed that most bicycles were constructed from tubes. With significant experience in 3D printing technologies already under his belt, he began to envision a new kind of bicycle made using modern manufacturing methods. This concept eventually formed the crux of Andre’s bachelor thesis in 2018.

In the comfort of his parents’ basement, Andre started creating prototypes, drawing support from his father, a seasoned model maker and designer.


Tim Grootjans

Tim has been working as an engineer and bicycle designer for about 1.5 years. He translates Andre’s specifications into CAD designs. Tim is a project-based freelancer. He was also involved in the most successful bicycle Indiegogo campaign, the “Babymaker” (9,800 sold e-bikes).

Design and model making

Kersten Götzmann

Kersten ben is a diploma designer with a focus on transportation design. With his previous profession as a car body model maker, he contributes significantly to the success of the company through his experience. He brings together theory and practice.

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